Why do you not conclude who would win in a fight?
Some questions were just never meant to be answered. Only God knows, and we are pretty sure one of these men (if not both) is God.

How do I advertise on this site?
You can email us at JackVSChuck@gmail.com (subject: Ads)

What was your inspiration for this site?
Are you kidding us, have you seen 24, or anything Chuck Norris? One word: Awesome

What should I do if Jack Bauer or Chuck Norris is upset with me?
The only option is to kill yourself and hope that Jack or Chuck lets you into Heaven

Can I submit content for Jack VS Chuck?
Yes you may. Email us and if we use it you will get full credit and a link.

What does the future hold for Jack VS Chuck?
Jack VS Chuck is expanding and will have fun interactive content in the close future, a future that was given to us by the selfless actions of Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris.


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